Number of Seats for Students

SNClassAllotted  SeatsNumber of Students


BSc I Year6050
2BSc I Year(H)-  Phy, Chem, Math3030
3BSc I Year(H)- Chem, Zoology3030
2.BSc II Year6013
3.BSc III Year6036
4.B.Com I Year18021
5.B.Com II Year18011
6.B.Com III Year18001
7.BA I Year18019
8.BA II Year18017
9.BA III Year18004
10.B.Com(H) I Year6001
11.B.Com (H) II Year6002
12.BBA I Year6009
13.BBA II Year6008
14.BCA I Year6010
15.BCA II Year6008
16.BVA I Year6003
17.BVA II Year6003

Note : The Eligibility for  BSc I Year(H) is- 50% and for is-48%